Fisher model 2 Boom and model 3 Platform.

For lighting work. Fitted with custom power cable and 16mm lighting spigot to support
a light-weight lamp (e.g. a half-shaded Chinese Lantern). The boom arm can pan, tilt and
rack in and out. Smoothly and silently. The lamp head can rotate through 360 degrees.
Add atmosphere, versatility and dynamic originality to your set lighting designs. Discover
how quickly the lamp can be repositioned and manouvered.

As used recently on these productions:
Sherlock Holmes, 2009 (Cinematography ~ Philippe Rousselot),
Sherlock Holmes ~ A Game of Shadows, 2011 (Cinematography ~ Philippe Rousselot),
Dark Shadows, 2011 (Cinematography ~
Bruno Delbonnel).
Operator available.

Boom rigged with Chinese Lantern. Can be manipulated live by an operator. Smooth. Silent. Versatile.

Also available. Additional counterweights (B and C) and custom made
mounts to 28mm TV spigot to work from a heavy-weight lighting stand or
scaffold / lighting clamp. Will all fit into a Luton van.

Basic specs: Minimum boom reach 2.22m, maximum boom reach 4.70m
(2.48m extension/rack). Minimum boom height 1.67m to pivot, maximum boom
height to pivot 2.69m. Adjustable platform height. Combined weight approx
80kg (ex. counterweights).

Boom with half-shaded springball on demonstration at BSC Show.

email: info at
(replace 'at' with '@', without spaces, in the email address)
or telephone +44 (0)7860 753717
based south-east England but can be delivered anywhere in Europe.

Spec sheet here.